Brief Career Biography

1997 - Released first original music single and video, Aggressor, won San Francisco’s KFOG Radio Battle of the Bands against veteran rocker, Todd Rundgren, joined BMI
2000 - Won audition to play the Greek God of Drama and Wine, Dionysus, directed by Bill T. Jones at UC Davis to sold out audiences
2000 - Attended The Grammy Awards
2001 - Premiered first one man show, The Magician’s Key, at UC Davis to sold out audiences
2001 - Received a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Davis
2002 - Cameo role in The Sweetest Thing
2002 - Joined SAG (now SAG-AFTRA)
2003-2004 - Created Beloved Biological Offspring
2004 - co-starring role opposite Hollywood Royal, Isabella Rossellini in episode 21 of season 3, ALIAS
2004 - Directed the documentary, Believe, Smile and Love which premiered on JLTV
2004-2005 - Played an ongoing Latino henchman on FOX’s hit show, 24
2005 - Played The Devil in Lazzaro Ferrari’s short film, Full Moon
2005-2013 - worked for NBC-Universal (received 5 + 2 internal awards)
2006 - Directed, Disturb Things, premiered in Alaska
2006 - Received inspirational 2 page letter and meaningful gifts from Fight Club author, Chuck Palahniuk
2007 - Released first Children’s Book, The Art Studio of Life
2007 - Released music video for original single, Expired Love
2008 - Published the first edition of the successful magical grimoire, Testament of King Solomon
2008 - Attended the Cannes Film Festival, fell in love with Monaco and had LV wallet monogrammed in Cannes
2008 - Received Art Commendation from the Mayor of Los Angeles for NoHo solo performance
2009 - In collaboration with the largest Fringe Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, created the 1st virtual ticketed show (later interviewed by the BBC + 2 BBC articles)
2009 - Received one of a dozen replies from Her Majesty, The Queen EIIR
2009 - Design Award Finalist for Moleskine Notebooks (original concept)
2009 - Attended Michael Jackson’s Memorial at the Staples Center (golden ticket)
2009 - 2015 - Directed and released via film festival invitations — 3 authorized Stephen King Dollar Baby Films, ended up in at least two books about the subject, nominated for Best Film Award at the Oldenburg Festival
2010 - Attended the Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion
2010 - Released an original philosophical work titled, ‘The Possible Purpose of Life’
2010 - Held meetings at MosFilm studios, with producers at the Konchalovsky Production Center and saw MXAT & the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow
2010 - Became a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), studied with Mark Wilson at the Hollywood Magic Castle (later, a radio guest on podcast)
2010 - Premiered album/show, For the Special Ones, at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood, CA
2010 - Appeared on billboards of Arc-Light Cinemas in Hollywood, CA + won a guinness record
2011 - Attended a royal Polo event in Santa Barbara, CA in the presence of Prince William and Duchess Kate, was interviewed by ABC TV Ch 7 and CBS KNX 1070 Radio
2011 - Spent Halloween (The Witches’ New Year) in Transylvania, Romania at a Countess Estate, released an audio diary, titled Tea with Dracula
2011 - Attended the Emmy Awards
2012 - Performed an original one man show, Power of Rejection, live in Vancouver, BC
2012 - Digital Billboard premiere at Times Square, NY for Darksoul Theatre, record release party
2012 - Trademark Registration with the USPTO
2013 - Artistic Commendation from the Mayor of WeHo, theatre film documentary premiere
2013 - Red carpet guest for R&B Divas featuring Chanté Moore
2014 - Bookstore talk and signing in Pasadena, CA +
kpfk letter of reference
2015 - Won the national SCORE (SBA) Award for Entrepreneur of the Year, Los Angeles Branch (mentor: David Berkus)
2015 - Released second Children’s Book, Sofia, the Great
2015 - Wrote and presented an original concept paper, titled, Intersex as a Transcendent Function, based on Carl Jung’s concept in Sicily, Italy. At the same time, interviewed top world Jungian Professor and editor, Sonu Shamdasani and stayed at Winston Churchill’s suite at the Villa Politi.
2015 - Music video released co-starring Hollywood icon, Angelyne
2016 - Release of Happy Halloween album with B. Bibles
2014 - 2017 - Hosted 2 KPFK Radio Shows (one co/one solo, top LA Radio station)
2017 - Very Special Letter from USHMM, inclusion of Family History in Washington Museum
2017 - Featured in social media ad of favorite milk brand, Clover
2018 - Chosen by NASA to take part in a one-off private event at UC Berkeley,
in order to help with PR elements for upcoming space projects (NASA Social)
2018 - Currently Hosting solo radio show, Archetypal Mosaic with special guests, including 3 royals and Fabergé
2018 - Interviewed Sigmund Freud’s geat-granddaughter, Jane McAdam Freud — interview shared by ARAS (FB)
2018 - Released favorite single and music video, Time is Different when We Sleep
2018 - Hand-held first ever published Zohar (Italy, 1558) and interviewed Berkeley Professor, Daniel C. Matt + invited to present at the iaap frankfurt conference (had to decline)
2019 - Interviewed by Laurie Cabot’s Cabot-Kent official newsletter (Laurie Cabot was a previous guest on radio)
2019 - Interviewed at a Clinton event by KPIX 2019 - Visited the CA State Capitol
2020 - Interviewed by Russian Cinema chain,
2020 - Prose / Radio / Kindle / T-Shirt release for the cause of No Censorship
2020 - Release of Best of Darksoul Theatre, original audio compilation (distributor parent co: Sony Music) + Ibm wizard member pin (10 years)
2021 - release of the lighthouse meditation, the blessings book, the moon meditation and the eye that lives inside the wooden home